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Tile Stain Removal

Everyone loves a clean swimming pool and are often enticed by the crystal-clear waters and sparkling reflection of the sun on the water. If the tiles in your pool are starting to become stained, this can impact the overall appeal of your pool and result in a lower use of the asset you have paid good money to have within your property. Our team at Brisbane Pool Cleaning Professionals are the experts in providing our clients with tile stain removal so they can make the best use of their investment throughout the year.

Professional Cleaning Equipment

To enable our team to provide a professional clean of our clients swimming pool tiles, naturally we have to have some industry specific equipment to help us along the way. Our team have been trained in the use of the equipment required to provide our clients with a thorough and deep clean of their swimming pool tiles. This will result in the removal of stains that have appeared on your swimming pool tiles and are contributing to the reduced appeal of you pool.

Calcium Build Up

Calcium build up is something that will naturally occur within all swimming pools due to changes in temperature and pH levels of your swimming pool. This is not something to be overly concerned about as it will happen a number of times throughout the course of your swimming pools lifetime. It is however something that you will want to have a professional attend to when it starts to build up and become noticeable. Our team have cleaned the calcium of many of our clients swimming pools and have refined the professes required to complete this is a thorough and efficient way.

Grout Cleaning

Grout is a naturally porous element that will absorb any liquids that it comes into contact with, including the water in your pool and any other liquids that happen to come into it. This means that sometimes the grout surrounding your pool tiles can become discoloured due to foreign elements including sunscreen, tan lotion and natural skin grease that float along the surface. These often find their way to the edge of the pool to then be absorbed by the grout. Our team have the relevant equipment and tools required to provide our clients with a cleaning services that will remove any of the liquids that have been absorbed by the grout to leave it sparkling again.

Acid Washing Pools
If you are in need of a deep swimming pool clean for a pool that has been overcome with algae or sludge due to poor maintenance for an extended period of time, you may require an acid wash. This is an intensive and abrasive cleaning process that requires complete draining of your swimming pool and often removes the surface layer of the pool shell. Due to this, an acid wash is reserved for extreme circumstances when it is really required to restore your swimming pool to its former glory.

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