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Pool Cleaning

One of the most appealing elements of a swimming pool is having crystal clear waters that are almost begging you to jump into. The reflection of the sun on the clean water backed with beautifully sharp tiles is simply irresistible for many of us. Having your pool cleaned by a professional will ensure that your swimming pool is kept as enticing as it possibly can be, not only for you, but also your family and friends that you invite over to share this luxury with you. Here we explain how we assist our clients with the different elements of cleaning to ensure your pool looks its best all year round.


Regular Scheduled Cleaning

As with any personal asset to ensure that it retains its value, you will need to ensure you are maintaining it property. One of the most important elements of maintaining a swimming pool is the cleanliness of it. By keeping a well cleaned pool, you are reducing the likelihood of additional maintenance costs that include equipment repairs and replacement. Our team provide our clients with regular scheduled cleaning agreements to ensure they are keeping on top of their swimming pool’s cleanliness requirements for smooth operation.

Tile Cleaning

In addition to the basic cleaning off the water and filter, you may also require the cleaning of your tiles when you start to see an accumulation of calcium building up around the edges. If you notice this, there is no need for you to worry as our team at Brisbane Pool Cleaning Professionals are the experts in removing calcium build up in a quick and efficient way that will have you back to enjoying a clean pool again in no time. We have a safe method we utilize which completely removes calcium and maintains the pH balance of your swimming pool.

Once Off Cleaning

If you are providing your pool with a regular cleaning service yourself, you my only require once of cleaning from a professional if you are doing a good enough job. Our team actively promote our clients to conduct regular cleaning themselves and are happy to provide our clients with guidance on how to do this upon request. This means that you may only require us to attend for a once off clean to provide your swimming pool with an extra deep clean with a professional shine to it.

Acid Washing
The process of acid washing a pool is something that is reserved for exceptionally poorly maintained pools, or when you want complete removal of all bacteria within your pool. Acid washing is not a process that we recommend on a regular basis as it removes a small layer of the surface of your swimming pool. Although this is what enables your pool to sparkle again as if it were just freshly installed, having this process repeated regularly can cause significant damage. We recommend that proper care instructions are followed after the use of an acid wash to ensure your pool is kept clean.

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