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Maintenance Services

Having a swimming pool installed in your property is a big responsibility, as it is a big asset within your property. If you have taken the time and spent the money to invest in a swimming pool with your property, it is in your best interests to ensure that the recommended maintenance schedule is followed. Having an expert attending to the maintenance of your swimming pool is a good step in retaining the value of your asset. Our team at Brisbane Pool Cleaning Professionals are the experts in the industry and are able to ensure that your swimming pool is maintained to a professional standard through the services we have listed here below.

Regular Maintenance

Having regular maintenance on your pool means that you will be having an industry expert looking over the key operating functions of your asset. By having this conducted on a regular basis, your service professional will be able to pick up on any trends or early warning signs that may assist in avoiding replacements and having repair works conducted instead. Our team of professionals are able to complete both repair and replacement requirements while they are providing a maintenance service if required and relevant parts are available.

Residential Pools

Our team work with a range of residential clients within Brisbane who have private pools they like to keep in pristine condition. Our team have become quite well known throughout the residential community for the quality and detail of our swimming pool maintenance services we provide to our clients. We ensure that thorough checks are completed on all the operating systems and tests carried out to confirm they are operating to their full potential. This enables us to ensure that we are providing our clients with the best possible pool maintenance service and can be confident they are using a pool that is safe and healthy.

Commercial Pools

Commercial pools get much higher use than a residential pool and means that they need to be paid more attention to ensure their smooth functioning. We recommend that a professional comes to assess a commercial swimming pool on a weekly basis. This will ensure that our clients can have peace of mind that the people utilizing the pool are in a safe and hygienic environment and reduces our clients’ liability. We understand the importance of prompt servicing when it comes to our commercial clients and work with them to establish suitable times that do not interfere with their operations.

Maintenance Agreements
As maintenance of your swimming pool will be an ongoing requirement, our team at Brisbane Pool Cleaning Professionals have put in place annual maintenance agreements for many of our clients. This means that the timing of our services is set in advance and our clients are able to pay a monthly fee with a discount from the regular maintenance costs. If you would like to learn more on how you can receive a discount for annual maintenance, please contact our team.

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