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Equipment Repairs

If you are keeping on top of your swimming pool maintenance and doing what you can as an owner to contribute to looking after it, you likely won’t require repairs too often. Repairs are however inevitable due to the age and usage of your swimming pool. Our team at Brisbane Pool Cleaning Professionals are skilled in our knowledge and approach to required repair works to ensure that we can minimize the time your pool is out of action. This way you can get back to utilizing your pool and enjoying your recreational time.

Pump Repairs

If the plumbing systems of your swimming pool are installed correctly by a professional in the first instance, it is unlikely that you will require repairs for a long period of time. When you do eventually require plumbing repairs, you will want to ensure that this is done by an expert. This mean you can be confident that they are testing other elements of you plumbing system and not just addressing the area of present concern. This means you may be able to pick up some preventative maintenance items and have them repaired rather than replaced.

Tile Repairs
It is quite common that over time the tiles of your pool will crack due to impact or movement. Our team at Brisbane Pool Cleaning Professionals are skilled in the removal and replacement of pool tiles, providing you with a professional tile repair service. Our team will take all the leg work for you, tracing tiles that match those that were installed in your pool initially. This will ensure consistency in appearance, preventing your pool from becoming a patchwork.

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