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Equipment Installation

To ensure that you have a pool that is healthy and safe to use all year around, you need to ensure that you have the correct equipment that has been installed by the experts in the industry. By taking this step you can be sure that you are giving your pool every chance it needs to stay both looking clean and being free from nasty germs so that you, your family and your friends are able to have confidence when relaxing in the pool on the warm sunny days.

Pump Installation

A pump is one of the most important part of the swimming pool operation system as it ensures that water is being pumped through your pool. This ensures that water is not left stagnant, which will create a growth of bacteria that not only looks terrible, but is harmful to the health of the people you care about. Having your pump installed by a professional who understands its operations means that it will be connected correctly in the right sequence to ensure optimum performance. Our team at Brisbane Pool Cleaning Professionals have installed many pumps and are skilled in being able to complete installations to a high quality within a short time frame.

Filter Installation

Filters are what keeps your pool free from grease and grime build up that cause damage and bacteria growth within your pool. To keep your swimming pool clean and hygienic, you need to ensure that you have the correct filter fitted in an appropriate way that enables it to perform its required duties. If a filter is installed incorrectly it may be unable to catch grease and grime that then gets into your equipment causing damage, not clean your swimming pool resulting in high maintenance costs or putting pressure on your pump and plumbing system reducing its lifespan, again resulting in higher maintenance costs.

Plumbing Installation

As swimming pools are a large accumulation of water for recreational use, you will need to have a high quality plumbing system installed by industry experts. The quality of the plumbing systems will make a big difference in the performance of your swimming pool and associated maintenance costs. Swimming pools are our area of expertise, which means we are able to give professional advice on the type of plumbing system is suited to the swimming pool you have and the frequency of its use. We are also able to fit these plumbing systems to a high standard so you can be confident that you will have a long lasting asset.

Equipment Replacements
As with everything in life, your swimming pool equipment will inevitably wear out or break. Our team at Brisbane Pool Cleaning Professionals are familiar with all elements of swimming pools, which means no matter what part of the swimming pool requires replacement, our team of skilled professionals will be able to complete this task for you. We aim to provide you with quick replacements to minimize your down time.

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