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DIY Tips

Our team at Brisbane Pool Cleaning Professionals understand that having a swimming pool in your property can be a big commitment. This can either be a big time commitment, a big financial commitment, or a combination of the two. Our group of local professionals have all the knowledge there is to hold about swimming pools, and we want to share that with our clients to help them save money. Here we below some of the areas where you can contribute to the maintenance of your swimming pool yourself.

Pool Cleaning

One of the most frequent areas of maintenance you pool will require is to have the pool cleaned. If the pool is being generally cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, it will delay the requirement for a specialist clean with industry specific products and materials. Dependent on the type of pool and casing you have, our team of experts are able to provide you with professional gleaning guidance to enable you to conduct a regular clean by yourself. We will give you detailed tips including what products to use and how frequently you need to conduct the cleaning.

Remove Calcium Buildup

Having a build up of calcium on your swimming pool can give an unappealing appearance and impression that your pool is unclean, when that is often not the case. Calcium starts to accumulate around the edge of the pool due to changes in pH levels and temperature changes. To remove calcium build up, we will show you the correct way to do this and how to avoid damage to your pool surface due. We want your pool to stay in the best possible condition so want you to avoid common misconceptions about the way to remove calcium build up to avoid damage.

Check your Pool Regularly
Keeping a regular eye on your pool is the best way to get a head of any required maintenance and often gives you the opportunity to repair elements of your pool rather than waiting for something to break and then have it replaced or require much more in depth maintenance. Our team of skilled and friendly professionals are able to provide you with a regular checklist that you can go through yourself to ensure that your pool is running correctly and for any warning signs that need to be looked out for.

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