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If you have a swimming pool, you will require regular pool maintenance by an industry professional to ensure that you are protecting your asset. An experienced pool professional is able to assist in a range of ways to ensure that your swimming pool is kept hygienic and correctly operating to ensure the health and safety of your friends and family who enjoy your swimming pool with you. Our team of professionals are here to look after all your pool maintenance requirements to help your mind rest at ease.

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About Us

We are a team of local Brisbane professionals who share a love for the outdoors and anything to do with outdoor leisure and sports. This means that the industry of pool cleaning was a natural progression for us and we take pride in being able to keep our neighbours pools sparkling clean for them to enjoy all year around. We have been working in the industry for many years and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge along the way which is a great benefit to our many loyal clients.

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What is Included in Pool Care Services?

As the experts in the swimming pool industry, we provide a range of pool servicing requirements for our clients that include pool cleaning, equipment repairs, maintenance services, tile stain removal, equipment installation and DIY tips to help you understand how you can contribute to the upkeep of your own swimming pool. We have given a brief description on what these services involve below. For more detailed information on each of these, please follow the links to each dedicated service.

Pool Cleaning

If you have invested your money into having a pool within your property, you will want to make sure that it is kept clean so that you can best utilize it and retain the value of it. Our team provide our clients with a range of different cleaning services from once off cleans, regular cleaning, deep cleaning as well as intensive acid wash cleaning when required. This is decided based upon the regular maintenance and condition of the pool and our professional opinion of what is required.

Equipment Repairs

To keep your pool running correctly, there is a range of different equipment functioning to ensure the smooth operations. If there happens to be any damages or failures, this can affect the safety of your swimming pool. Our team are able to assist our clients with pumps repair, pool plumbing repairs, tile repairs as well as filter replacements and any other equipment repair tasks that may become apparent throughout the life time of your pool.

“We look forward to having Brisbane Pool Cleaning Professionals attending to our swimming pool each month. We know that it will be left in a pristine condition and ready for us to use all year around. The team are kind and knowledgeable, always willing to give us tips and secrets on how we can do small things ourselves to help it looking its best.”

Sandra, Brisbane.

Maintenance Services

As with all elements of a property, there are maintenance requirements that are required to ensure that your swimming pool is operating correctly and is being well looked after. Our team of professional pool maintenance contractors provide different maintenance services for our clients dependent on their pool servicing needs. For some clients we provide monthly services, others quarterly, and some biannually. We would be happy to provide you with our professional guidance on your swimming pool maintenance requirements.

Tile Stain Removal

Our team at Brisbane Pool Cleaning Professionals are well known within our community for our pool stain removal services. If you have ever had stains on your pool tiles, you will know how unappealing this can be and often put guests off wanting to swim in your pool. Our team are able to completely remove the stains from your pool tiles and leave them crystal clear again.

“A prompt and reliable service is always received with gratitude from Brisbane Pool Cleaning Professionals. They have been servicing our commercial pool for years now and have always been able to provide a knowledgeable solution for any problem we come up against. I could not recommend them highly enough for any commercial swimming pool requirements.”

Thomas, Clayfield

Equipment Installation

If you are having a pool newly installed in your property for the first time, you will require the use of an industry professional to ensure that your pool is set up correctly. As we work with swimming pools on a daily basis, we understand the regular operations and what set up requirements are needed to ensure that it is able to function correctly. We also provide equipment installation services for pool renovations when you are looking to upgrade.

DIY Tips

We understand that having a professional maintain your pool can be a costly exercise. We care more about the maintenance of your swimming pool and your enjoyment of it than we do for our own pockets. This is why we provide our clients with DIY tips and advice for the areas of the maintenance that they will be able to look after themselves.

“Brisbane Pool Cleaning Professionals have been such a great help with all of our pool needs. There really is nothing they can’t do whether it is a filter replacement, cleaning or fixing a broken tile. They have always been able to complete whatever it is I need in an efficient and professional manner.” 

Regina, North Brisbane

Pool Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is the best way to clean a pool?
  • Skim off leaves and dirt – should be done daily
  • Brush off sediment from the walls –  remove algae. from sides and ladders
  • Vacuum your pool – helps remove the algae you cleaned off
  • Clean your skimmer to allow it to operate at max. efficiency
  • Ensure your pumps are running to keep circulation of chemicals and ensure pool stays clean
  • Check backwash and your filter
  • Test water for ph levels and add chemicals (daily or weekly depending on use)
How often should a pool be cleaned?

Some filters may require a monthly clean, some only need every 2/3 months. You will also want to check your water level at least once a month. Over the course of a hot summer your swimming pool water may evaporate and the water level could go down.

How much is a pool cleaning service?

Most pool maintenance firms charges between $65-$95 for a one-off pool clean and service, depending on the city or state you are in, and the type of service being done. This $65-$95 is what is commonly called the service call. It is the amount charged to show up and usually includes up to one hour of labour. It does not include chemicals, accessories or additional equipment which could be needed to get a proper clean done. 

How much do pool parts cost?

Pool pumps – anywhere up to $1000
Solar pumps – up to $500
LED lights – $320
Heaters – can be a higher cost. $3,800 which would include installation. Gas heater could cost $3-4,00, electric heater $4,500, $6,000.
These costs should definitely be considered when purchasing a swimming pool as it will have ongoing costs, some more frequent than others.

What chemicals do I need to clean my pool?

Bromine provides a reliable way of killing bacteria and ensuring the pool stays clean and clear. It generally works better than chlorine in warmer water and is ideal for jacuzzi tubs. Bromine remains active longer than chlorine, so the volume of bromine needed to properly sanitise a pool is less than chlorine. To effectively use bromine in your pool we recommend a brominator be installed.
Testing your swimming pool 2 – 3 times per week is imperative for maintaining adequate water balance and sanitiser levels as well as ensuring user comfort and longevity of your pool surface and equipment.
People are most familiar with the chemical chlorine as a means to properly clean a pool. Stabilised chlorine products deep clean your pool water and kill bacteria. Stabilised chlorine products are protected from sunlight degradation and are ideal for keeping your pool clear and clean.

How much does it cost to maintain a pool in Australia?

On average, Aussie’s spend around $1000 to $1400 (sometimes more) on pool maintenance and services per year. Here is the breakdown of some of the costs if you have an 8x4m swimming pool: A pump costs about $110 per month in summer and $80 a month in the winter months.

Heating   – Solar is the least expensive,  at around $100 to $200 per year. Electric heating can cost between $250 and $750 per year and gas is the most costly, costing between $500 and $1500 / year.
Replace water – An 8x4m pool can lose up to 160 litres per day and the water has to be replaced, along with the chemicals that help the water stay clear.

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